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 Graphic Requests

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Join date : 2010-02-28
Posts : 4178

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Name:: Tom Kaos
Title/Element:: Wind

PostSubject: Graphic Requests   Sat Apr 10, 2010 8:45 pm

Okay, before you start requesting graphics, be familiar with these rules, otherwise, your topic will be ignored. I will make a list of what the graphic designers are capable of handling, however, I am the only one for now.


Handles Requests Dealing With: Avatars (Avvie), Signatures (Siggy) , User-bars (UB), and Banners.

Will Not Accept Requests Dealing With: Skins/Templates/Full Theme Requests, Flash, and Animation (To a certain level). These requests are huge and take a lot of time.

If your type is not listed, PM me here.

Use the following template, when requesting.

[b][u]My Request:[/u][/b]

[b]Request Type:[/b]
[b]Size (In Pixels):[/b]
[b]Animation Needed (Yes or No):[/b]
[b]Specify Animation Requirements (If you selected No above, leave this blank):[/b]
[b]Colors (Be specific):[/b]
[b]Links to Pictures For Use/Picture to Create:[/b]
[b]Text to Insert (Specify any line breaks or other information):[/b]
[b]Font Name:[/b]
[b]Font Size/Placement:[/b]
[b]Extra Comments (Go into detail here):[/b]

Sample Request:

My Request:

Request Type: Avatar.
Size (In Pixels): 150x150 pixels.
Animation Needed (Yes or No): No animation.
Specify Animation Requirements (If you selected No above, leave this blank):
Colors (Be specific): A reddish linear gradient or whole color for the background with a black and white frame.
Links to Pictures For Use/Picture to Create: An agent: Brown eyes, point eyebrows, cool black sunglasses/shades with a microphone attached. Can you make the agent wear a black-tie/suit? Also a weapon or tool of your choice.
Text to Insert (Specify any line breaks or other information): Agent Paint
Font Name: Use whichever you'd think match the avatar.
Font Size/Placement: Enough to not block the face. Top position preferred.
Extra Comments (Go into detail here): I want the agent to be the focus of the avatar. That's pretty much it. Thanks!

Avatar: (150x150)

Size Examples:

85*25 pixels

88*31 pixels

100*100 pixels

120*40 pixels

150*200 pixels

468*60 pixels

500*100 pixels

650*150 pixels
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Join date : 2011-11-25
Posts : 2006
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Name:: JayJay
Title/Element:: Typhlosion Trainer

PostSubject: Re: Graphic Requests   Tue Dec 06, 2011 1:55 am

My Request:

Request Type: Banner
Size (In Pixels): 650*150
Animation Needed (Yes or No): No
Specify Animation Requirements (If you selected No above, leave this blank):
Colors (Be specific): Dark grays and forest greens, along with slight fade in's on the Pokemon's individual color
Links to Pictures For Use/Picture to Create: Check my Avvie
Text to Insert (Specify any line breaks or other information):
Font Name: None
Font Size/Placement:
Extra Comments (Go into detail here): So, I'm asking for a team pose of Jay and his six Pokemon (Avvie). Jay should be the focus with his Pokemon around him in poses that reflect battle readiness. I would like the background colors to be similar to the colors of my Avvie, dark grays and greens, gray being the main color, with hints of green, and then a green Pokeball print behind Jay. I would also ask that you place Typhlosion next to Jay on his right, and Venusuar close to him on his left. The team is Typhlosion, Venusaur, Heracross, Gyarados, Tyranitar, Arcanine
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Graphic Requests
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