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 ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness

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PostZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness

Today, I gained a chance to start my blog in class. I'm currently in Essentials of English, second period, and I'm getting ready to head off to Geometry. We're starting a new lesson today in Geometry instead of testing like we originally planned to do. With my teacher having thoughts of missing class due to a meeting tomorrow, it will be a wonderful Friday. However, I am sad to say I must stay in tutoring today. I will be home by 3:30pm Eastern Time.

I'm very proud to say that I start my driving for Drivers Education next week. I will soon be able to get my permit to drive. With my birthday on January 10th, I will hopefully have it soon enough. I turn fifteen in January. With just another month away, I'm deciding how I want to spend it. I probably will end up spending it online with some friends. With no plans made, it will most likely end up the same as every year. I never have a party because, to be honest, none of my friends pay my birthday much notice. *Shrugs* Oh well.

With nothing to do, I suppose I can say that I've been feeling better as of recent. Less depressed, I suppose. My mood has improved only so slightly, though there are times when I'm alone I have the feeling pass over. Distractions have to hold my attention now. Maybe, with time, I can heal at last.

With those thoughts in mind, I bid all readers as a farewell. Class awaits~ *Silently sobs*


"Even the best fall down sometimes. Even the stars refuse to shine. Out of the back, you fall in time. I somehow find that you and I collide."
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ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness :: Comments

Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:43 pm by ZeldaG
After being busy over break and having really little access to a computer, I'm back online for a short time. I've got to prepare for exams next week. Monday and Tuesday are the regular exam days, and Tuesday should be my last day as long as I don't fail. CTE (Business and Career classes) test on Wednesday and Thursday. End-of-Course exams are Friday. Lucky me, only Monday and Tuesday apply for me. After that, I go on break for two weeks and start the new semester as soon as school starts back.

I'm trying to get a load of sleep to balance out my sleeping hours with gym and homework. It's becoming too exhausting to stay up and do homework as soon as school lets out. I guess those days of staying up late are affecting me later. It's too hard to stay awake late at night now. I'm going to have to, though, if I'm going to study for exams this weekend.

I'm happy to say that the upcoming Tuesday will also be my birthday. I'm turning fifteen, and someone's planning a Skype party to celebrate. I really had nothing to do and nothing I really wanted for my birthday. To be honest, I didn't even want to celebrate it. I had too much to not look forward to this month. A lot of stuff has been on my mind... And, well, it's been a bit depressing to think about it.

Thursday of this week will probably be a day I stay offline. It's not a day I really want to be here for, but if the school stress is putting on strain I'll have to get online for a break.

My schedule is getting insane. With two chapters to cover in Geometry, continued running in gym to prepare for the fitness exam, studying for the health exam in class, and memorizing study guides, I'll be a zombie by Friday.

I want to go to sleep right now, but I still have Geometry homework to do. Today, I had three written assignments to type up (one essay to write, one paper to just re-type, and a Current Event), and Geometry homework right behind it. Today at school, I had gym class like always and then had to make up laps right after school. By the time I got home, I was eating food from McDonalds and to bed right after. Two to four hours of sleep, and I'm still tired.
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:22 pm by ZeldaG
*Yawns* Ugh. I just woke up from practically a four hour nap. I was so exhausted. I'm happy to see that JayJay is back on the forum, and I hope to catch him online. So, if you are reading this, JayJay, you may need to PM me to get me online. xD I have to do my homework because I was lazy and slept the entire afternoon.
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Sun Jan 08, 2012 10:53 pm by ZeldaG
With exams tomorrow, I'm expecting anything to happen. I'll be testing tomorrow and on Tuesday, which just so happens to be my birthday. I thought it'd be worth celebrating this year, but I guess not. All I want for my birthday is one thing, but only luck is going to give it to me. Someone pretty much ruined it for me.

*Sigh* Besides, I don't even want to turn fifteen. My sister called to make my day and claim she was planning on a huge party for when I turned sixteen. Someone went and ruined the entire idea. That princess every girl gets to be on their sixteenth birthday I know I won't get to be. And you know what? It kinda does hurt. :/

I'm listening to music. There's someone I wish I could talk to right now. Everyone's offline because they pretty much all had something to do tonight. I was stuck studying. Or, at least, I was supposed to. I can't concentrate enough to stick on it. I'm already going to be up late tonight. He**. Might as well be a vampire.

I want this week over. I want to go back to a semi-normal life. The happiness and the pain I've been through in the last week is enough to drive me insane if I can't hold on to some length of sanity.

I really wish I had someone to talk to right now. Preferably just one special person... :/
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Fri Jan 20, 2012 11:11 am by ZeldaG
Worst. Day. Ever.

So, Dad decides to get me up at 9:30am this morning to go to my school and get a certificate so I can get my da** permit. I don't want it, and I don't want to drive. I only took Driver's Education because my parents forced me into it. Enough said.



SO. After five hours of waiting, we STILL can't get my permit until a week from now. BLARGH. /ragequit
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Sat Jan 21, 2012 7:24 pm by ZeldaG
Been playing a lot of piano today. Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx. <3

Might be on and off for a while due to internet struggles. x.x
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Mon Jan 30, 2012 5:12 pm by ZeldaG
I just managed to get internet access back today after a major argument with my mother. *Sigh* Still worried over a friend of mine, though. I keep hoping he's okay. Well, you know who you are if you're reading this.

I won't name names, but, I do want to say that things are going to get better and I wish the best for everything. I'm usually the negative one (I've been a bit depressed over the last few months. Sue me) but, I'm telling you now that I believe that things will be okay.

In other news, though, I'm considering joining the FFA (Future Farmers -of- America). No, you don't have to be a farmer. I live in a rural area and I'm not a farmer. I need community service credits for college and all sorts of stuff. Razz

Animal Science I ftw.
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Thu Feb 02, 2012 5:12 pm by ZeldaG
Had Dad drive me home today after feeling horribly sick in class. Parents or someone gave me a cold and it's driving me insane. After I came home my temperature was reading 99.5, which means I was running a small fever after all. That explains why I nearly got sick in class. ><'''
I did manage to last the day, Dad merely took me home as a Car Rider at the dismissal bell.

After I got home, I definitely took some medication. I really just want to take a nap but I'm trying to watch a video. With a roleplay I'm looking forward to doing this afternoon, I'm thankful that I have no homework to do tonight except read about a religion for a World History quiz.

I keep thinking over this one thing, though. I had a really strange dream last night, and I can still remember it pretty vividly. They say dreams can have hidden meanings, and I'm a little worried as to what this one means.


Oh well. I'm gonna go rest for a while. I'm sore all over and just not feeling well in general. I'm still open to PMs and stuff. I'll be watching videos most of the afternoon.
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Fri Feb 03, 2012 5:50 pm by ZeldaG
Couldn't go to school today. My fever was too high for me to even attempt going. I feel bloody awful and, despite the fact I've taken off and on naps, I still feel kinda weak. I'm really starting to think this is the flu, and that scares me because I had it two years ago. Swine flu, to be exact. I feel like I did when I had the flu last time for the exception of the fact I can actually stay awake this time. I was practically unconscious the last time I had it.

Mom's asleep, sad to say, and I wish Dad was home. I'd honestly feel better if he was here. :/ He's probably at Grams or something. I don't know.

I'm really starting to wish someone would kill me. -.- This is outright torture.

Karma, why are you biting me in the butt?
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Mon Feb 06, 2012 4:54 pm by ZeldaG
Possibly looking at a job as an illustrator for a friend of mine. My best friend's mother, who is honestly a good friend to have, is working on a new book. From what I know, she's a children's book author and a poet. I'm hoping that, if I get into this, I can get a hold of a tablet to fix up the sketches.

I hate to ask for anything in return of doing this for her, but I need something to get me started toward getting what I need to pursue my art.
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:25 am by ZeldaG
It's 2am and I just can't sleep. I have so much on my mind, and it'll be a miracle if I'm in bed before 4am tonight. Last night, I was up extremely late. Sure, I was fine and wide awake in class. But, after I got home, I passed out completely.

I'm sitting here, looking at a picture I made that's on my wall. It's got "Best of Friends" and then a few initials on it. Mine, included. Whatever happened to the strong friendship that those words all stood for? I made it because I wanted to always remember that bond the two of us shared.

Maybe I should've said more to him before we started losing touch. I glance at this little piece of cardboard I drew on and so much comes back to me. Where did it all go? Three years and we're still fighting to find the one day we can talk. It's rare we ever do now. I miss him, you know? I miss him so terribly, and I don't know if he's knows the extent of it. I want to know just what exactly went wrong. I want to go back and warn the two of us in the past as to what is to come and to be ready for it. So the two of us wouldn't be suffering so badly in the future. I know he's in pain. I just know these things. He feels it too.

We've only had one argument that I can remember, and it was because of my stupidity. It wasn't my right to tell him to do something. *Sigh* I shouldn't have been so stupid. I wanted to talk to him and he was trying to talk to a couple of my friends. He got upset, and I knew this. I calmed down enough to apologize. Both of us were probably in tears before it was over. I was, that I can confirm.

I sketched a picture of him tonight. The second one I've ever done. I feel it was a bit more accurate this time. Why did I sketch the picture? You know, I really can't answer that. I don't even know and I'm the one that did it. I guess I just needed something to occupy my hands. Maybe I just needed something to look at aside from a computer screen.

Looking back, I kinda realize how far he's gotten me in life. Encouraging me to go for my dreams. Always being there when I needed to rant or I needed some support. Always backing me up when people were ganging up on me. I feel like I owe him so much. So, why is it that life isn't letting me pay him back for everything?

Lately, I've felt a bit different about everything. Like, after our last conversation, we've gotten closer but more distant at the same time. Why is this? Is something changing that I can't see, feel, or hear? Smell or taste? Are my senses failing me because I don't know what's changed?

*Sigh* Maybe I should go finish my homework and then go to bed. It's very late and I need sleep. I really need a hug at times like these. Maybe I'll go snuggle up under a blanket with a teddy bear.

What? You think it's childish? I know what you're thinking. When you've done it since you were a small child, it becomes a forced habit.
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:56 pm by ZeldaG
I'm sitting here in Environmental Science class, supposed to be working on a set of lab sheets. Technically, I'm done; however, I see no reason to put a good opportunity to get online go to waste. I'm possibly working on a new Fanfiction. To be honest, I feel as if I stole a bit from the role-play that I've been working on with JayJay. I had already been working on new ideas for the Fanfics prior to even starting the role-plays.


Hyrule, the very land spoke in legends since time began. It is the home to more than just the native Hylians. Hyrule welcomes the Gorons, the Zoras, the Gerudos, and anyone else who wishes to travel there. Hyrule Castle, which rises above the kingdom, is a symbol of peace among all the races that reside in the lands. It is also where the monarch of the kingdom, the fair Queen Zelda Istella Hyrule, maintains her duties. She and the official Royal Family have lived in the castle as far as anyone can remember. This family has watched over the golden lands for generations. Days and nights pass like the turning of a page in a leather-bound book. They are ancient and tell of many stories.

Life remains peaceful for everyone and it wasn't until one day that distressing news was sent to Hyrule Castle. Early one morning in the middle of Summer, a messenger arrived at the iron castle gates, requesting an immediate court with the fair queen.


How does it sound? Any comments? Razz
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:13 am by ZeldaG
Ah, another 2am blog! I love staying up these late hours. I often question myself why I do. Well, honestly, I don't know. If I go to bed at... say... 10pm, I feel like I'm sleep deprived by morning. Go to bed at 3am? The exact opposite! I feel perfectly fine. My body is strange like that. I don't understand why it makes me feel sleepy when I've had more hours of sleep.

I shrug to this.

Fanfiction! So much of it! I've been doing more Fanfiction as of late and I'm proud to say that I'm revising my stories again. Confusing Love is getting a HUGE edit and will probably turn into a two-chapter story. That is, if I choose to go into extra detail near the end. Impa makes an appearance in the revision and she did not in the original. I'm glad to say that I'm back working on all of this again. Inspiration is flowing it and I am certainly taking advantage of it.

I expect to have the revision of Confusing Love uploaded by the end of the weekend, though I want to have it by Saturday. This is highly doubtful, however.

In other news...

Bah, what else is there to say? IT'S FRIDAY. Cheers. Only two tests to take today, and that's if our History test doesn't get moved. With one in World History and another in Animal Science, I see a good day ahead. I'll be mostly kicking back with a clipboard full of Fanfic ideas and a copy of "To Kill A Mockingbird." I read faster than my whole class, so I'm literally a chapter ahead of everyone. Why waste good writing time?


2:13am? Well, I've got to hurry and see how far I can get before 2:30. I'm crashing at that time. Later, everyone(:
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:10 pm by ZeldaG
Parents. I love them, but they can just be so hurtful sometimes. Mom disapproves of me going back into writing Fanfiction. She hates it, and I love it with a passion. It's what I do and what I did for about a year to two years until I had to drop it due to school.

Maybe Fanfiction stalls my time and draws me away from the reality that I don't want to be. Maybe it's just my way of expressing myself.

Is that so wrong? Is it wrong for me to do what I love the most?

I had such a good day, and then it gets all turned and twisted into a nightmare that I'll be living until the day I finally agree with her that Fanfiction isn't worth it (which will most likely be, uh, never. End of that discussion).

My Fanfiction is my way of expressing how I feel into a subject I know about.

Confusing Love? I was trying to discover my feelings for a boy at school that I, unknowingly, had a crush on.

Before Twilight? I was in a depressed mood. Nothing more to say.

See what I mean? You know what an author is feeling by how they write. Originally, in Falling into Darkness, Zelda was removed from the story in a death scene. I was in a really hard time of my life and it was put into my writing. Of course, Zelda made a return some time later. But, that's not my point.

*Sigh* If doing what you love is the point of life, why is it that I feel like it's getting taken away?

Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Tue Feb 14, 2012 3:35 am by ZeldaG
Another 2am blog. I feel pretty refreshed after an afternoon/evening nap. I'm doing homework at the moment. I don't mind doing it late. I just wish I had a cup of warm coffee. Decaffeinated, of course. I don't need the energy from caffeine.

Looks like I'll be home early tomorrow. Orthodontist appointment at noon so I'll be leaving school during lunch period. Can't express how joyous it feels to say that.

Our school is doing a special little Valentine's Day thing. Anyone who bought a rose for another person gets it delivered tomorrow. I'm happy to say I'm missing all of that. I'm not getting a rose. I know that. I don't care. *Shrugs* I'm always single on Valentine's Day and I don't have the money to buy anything for my parents.

Dad bought me a cuddly teddy bear and some chocolates, though~ I'm snuggling with my bear right now(:

Wednesday! Two tests on Wednesday. Meaning? Tomorrow night, I can cuddle up under a warm blanket. Textbook in my lap and coffee in my hand. Iced coffee sounds better though... I wonder if we could make some... Nomnomnom...

I've been a bit more cheerful lately. I don't know why, exactly. I'm never this happy. Not since... Well, not getting into that. Let's just say a certain relationship I had with someone had me a bit down. But, I'm getting some good vibes off of people. Love's in the air for the couples. Hatred for the singles. Me? I don't know. I'm normally in a "whatever" mood for February. I'm always single on Valentine's day.

Now that I think about it... I wonder if Jonathan bought me a rose...

Did I ever tell who he was? Hm. I guess not. Jonathan was a guy in my 8th grade class who admitted to me on the last day of school that he had a crush on me. He tried flirting with me, which I did catch. I didn't feel comfortable getting involved in a relationship after the last break-up with my Ex. We're still great friends. Don't get me wrong. But, it had been still pretty hard. But, back on the topic. Jonathan, I think, has a girlfriend. He asked me to the movies, but I turned him down. I used my dad as an excuse. I didn't want to hurt the guy.

I think he still likes me and wants to ask me out. I can't get the heart to tell him no. I've been kinda avoiding him for a couple of days to get some things situated with my personal life.

He doesn't approve of me wanting to do Wrestling in school. What can I say? I'd rather take on the boys in the ring.

But, anyway. I'm off to do homework. Maybe some Fanfiction. Dunno. Probably bed if it's 3:30. Got a show coming on to get to sleep.

Night, everyone!
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Wed Feb 15, 2012 3:33 am by ZeldaG
This is probably my third or fourth 2am blog. I'm getting dizzy, so I'm not sure how long I'll write this one.

Went to the Orthodontist today and they've put new material on my braces. I can't exactly go into detail without a photo to really label, so I'll just say that it's tightened my mouth extremely. This entire afternoon, that I could've spent studying for a test, I've tried to sleep off the pain in my teeth. Ibuprofen didn't exactly get rid of it.

I woke back up around midnight and Mom gave me some medication to help ease it. Side-effects included drowsiness and I'm trying my best to stay awake through it. I've got to study, but I don't know if I'll even be able to read through the chapter in the textbook at the rate this is going.

Got a tiny bit further in my Fanfic planning today; however, it wasn't much.

I didn't exactly have a good day today between the pain in my mouth and now the intense studying I've got to pull off in the next hour. I can't even find my binder, and I'm almost positive I've left it on the bus or in my Animal Science class. The bad thing is, my library book is in it.

*Sigh* Oh well. I'll find it soon enough.

I'm off to study before I practically fall asleep. I shouldn't be tired, but the medication is going to knock me out if I don't study soon.
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Sat Feb 25, 2012 7:20 pm by ZeldaG
It's February 25th. Really hard to believe, actually. Tomorrow is TMG's anniversary and I don't know why I feel so down about it. I guess of because of what it stands for. Two years since TMG was created. Two years since the 26th became known as my Independence Day. February 26th, 2010 is not a day I can easily forget. A day I might never forget.

My nightmares are back. At least, I call them nightmares to some extent. I don't know. I keep having this recurring dream that I can't get out of my mind. It changes somehow every time, and I've noted each time it has. Maybe it's a sign that something is coming? Haha. I don't know. Rumors say that people can dream of things they fear or are waiting for. I didn't sleep well last night. No, not with that. *Sigh*

I'm joining the Future Farmers of America on Monday. No, you don't have to be a farmer. No, you don't have to live on a farm. I don't know how hard I have tried to get that through some thick heads I know. I'm interested in agriculture, and I'm looking into getting a triple major in college. Art, of some form, Agriculture, in some department (most likely Horticulture or Animal Science), and Writing, most likely freelance.

Last week was a bit of an easy week, but I only fear the week to come. Things aren't making sense in my head anymore. I'm getting confused as to what has been happening as of late. More importantly, I'm a little confused as to what is going to be happening.

Do I sound vague? Good. That's how I meant it to be.

Bleh. I hope Jay's on soon. I miss talking to him. Things get a bit lonely on the weekend without someone to talk to. All my friends are out doing their own thing and I'm home with nothing to do and no money. Well, I have $30 next to me but that's saved for Monday. I have dues to pay and a coat to buy from my school.

Not like I can drive anyway!

Oh well.

Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:42 am by ZeldaG
Got my permit at last. I failed the test the first time by one question, and it was one I didn't even know from my Driver's Ed class. Oh well. It'll be in the mail soon enough. The DMV gave me some little card thing to substitute until I actually got my physical card. 20 days it lasts, I think. *Shrugs* Whatever.

The last few weeks have been hectic. Fighting with my parents and struggling to keep in touch with a few friends. I'm hoping things look up soon enough. There's someone I find myself missing around this same time every couple of months. Probably because I haven't heard from him in a long time. With Spring Break almost in reach, I'm always looking for a miracle.

Somehow, someway, there will be one. I'm sure of it.

With class almost over, I'm packing up and getting ready to head out to third period and lunch. Maybe I'll update later? Not sure. Whatever.

Bai. <3
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Mon Mar 19, 2012 7:41 pm by ZeldaG
Not much to say today except that I might not be online at all tomorrow. Tomorrow, I'll be going in for surgery on my teeth. Today was my consul thing and, turns out, they were able to schedule it for tomorrow. I will be going under anesthesia. Like the twisted child I am, I'm looking forward to getting the experience of going under and getting my surgery done.

So, that's all I've got for you guys today and I'll give you an update back on my blog when I get out of disorientation tomorrow. xD Bai, guys.
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:33 am by ZeldaG
I won't be staying up long tonight being that I'm feeling a bit weak after today. I've just now been able to gain back access to a computer. Mother has had me bedridden since I've gotten home. It may have only been oral surgery, but it doesn't change the fact that I've felt weak. Mother and Father both said I should be feeling a bit better tomorrow, but Mother wants to try to keep me out of school the rest of the week. My medication is designed to ease pain in my mouth, but it does make me drowsy. I can't go to school with that in my system. Even though I can fight off drowsiness, it makes me feel a bit disoriented after about an hour or so of doing that. Bottom line is, I can't focus.

Thanks to everyone that supported me through this. It has been kinda painful since the doctor released me from the office after noon. I'm getting through it and the swelling has about gone down.

Just wanna say, the feeling of anesthesia prior to going under feels absolutely amazing. Just saying. xD
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
Post on Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:56 am by ZeldaG
I haven't updated my blog in ages, I know. I've been online a ton and haven't. Well, here's an entry.

I feel as if the secrets I'm discovering are only becoming more mysterious as I come closer to solving the puzzle that is mine to bear. Only one other person could help me at this point and he isn't here to do it. I miss him so terribly now that it's April. He should be back soon but a small part of me has doubt. I push it to the back of my mind as much as I can. I don't want to waste any chance I have of reaching him. Oi.

But, in other news...

Life is alright. School is annoying. I officially hate people, as if that was really anything new (xD).
Re: ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness
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ZeldaG's Blog of Bloggyness

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