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 The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer

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Join date : 2011-11-25
Posts : 2006
Location : Mt. Silver

Character sheet
Name:: JayJay
Title/Element:: Typhlosion Trainer

PostThe rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer

Hello to all
My names is JayJay, or jay for short, but not JJ
So, this is a rather new subject to me, but I'll get the hang of it and hopefully my randomosity will entertain you
I won't post on this every day, I have other things to do, but more than once a week will be very common

So, for today . . . I've done just about nothing
I'm gonna play some Pokemon later and keep raising up my new EPIC TEAM
I might grab a bite to eat seeing as I haven't eaten anything since yesterday at about 6:00

My shoulder hurts from my accident, but it's no big deal
Actually, you should hear the epic story of my shoulder
I'll post it in the future Very Happy

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I should do with my life, but I never think too hard on it, I don't want my brains to leak out my ears

I might try a science experiment today involving Sulfur and Iron Powder, but I'm sure I have those lying around the place

I've decided that the best way for me to raise my EPIC TEAM is to just keep at it . . . the only problem is that it's a very slow process . . . Oh well, I think it's worth it

My newest Magic deck is coming along very well, It's a Blue-Green manipulation deck with all kinds of big creatures and sneaky spells
I think it's going to work, but I can't test it until I see my friend Chucklez later

My Gf and I are gonna head to the movies sometime this weekend, but I have no idea what she wants to go see, I'm at a loss for what to take her to
There really isn't much on, but I was a jerk a few nights ago and really want to make it up to her

I might make a Vlog later today, but who knows what else is gonna come up

Alright, that's all I've got for today
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The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer :: Comments

More for the day
Post on Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:13 pm by JayJay
Has anyone else ever noticed how hungry they get if they haven't eaten in almost 22 hours?
It's odd to realize what a powerful thing hunger is
I just about walked to the fridge and ate my lunch for tomorrow a few moments ago because I didn't eat breakfast or lunch
I'm gonna cook something up real quick

I've been thinking of making a video walk-through for HeartGold
I know there are a few out there, but I feel like I could do really well
Iunno, maybe not, but I'll still think about it

I'm a slow typer, It's taken me almost five minutes to type out just what you see here, and only using one arm doesn't help very much


And I just made a vlog, but I probably won't post it
I'm sick and I sound awful right now
I should do that when I'm not sick

I've been starting spriting recently, you know, for Trainer Cards and such, and I realized I'm awful at it
I can do a wicked re-color, but can't really make something of my own
It's time consuming to do this stuff
I don't have much time in the first place

Alright, Now I should be off for the day
I have to go to work in about an hour
Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:07 pm by JayJay
So, I had an odd dream last night, not odd as in, I walked into my boss' office with no pants on odd, odd as in, I was watching myself sleep in third person
I was just hovering above myself, watching myself sleep
I didn't know if the me I was watching was dreaming, but I seemed peaceful . . . Until Godzilla walked into my room . . . So, my dream became me, watching me fight a 7 foot tall Godzilla in third person
I found this really odd
Normally I just have a nightmare and wake up and get on with my life, but this was just bizarre
Like, I can't stop thinking about it

In other news, being poor really sucks
Stay in school, kids
I'm not that bad off, just really tight with money, and it sucks

I've found that if I want to piss off all the illegal immigrants at Wal-Mart, when they answer me in Spanish, I just raise my voice, and speak French
Then, if they bring over an Hombre who speaks French, I start speaking German
I've done this before and it pisses them off to the point they'll go find someone who speaks good English to help me out . . . And, to be honest, I've thought about speaking Spanish to that guy too
Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:53 pm by JayJay
So, I had an odd day, but the story of my day started when I was strolling the streets downtown on a dark and foggy friday night. I ran into this chum who wanted to brawl, and we threw down. I hit him with a solid right hook and choke slammed him into a wall. He tripped me and I crashed into a dumpster and my left shoulder shattered, but I came back swinging and caught him with a right uppercut. They fool went down like a bowling ball dropped from a skyscrapper and I walked home . . . What, too unbelievable? Yeah, I figured as much.

Oh, what, you want the truth? You can't handle the truth!
Fine, twist my arm, why don't 'cha
So, My bed is set up in such a way that it pins my comforter between the wall and the mattress. Tuesday the 14th I woke up late, and not late late, just late enough I knew I'd have to hurry. So I decide to try and get out of bed quickly in my exhausted stoupr and got up too quickly. I got woozy from lack of blood and stumbled . . . into my door frame. I'm a big guy, 6'1" and 215 lbs, and I slammed into my wooden door frame. I heard my shoulder dislocate, but my pain tolerance is second to none and I just relocated it, no problem. No, the problem came Tuesday night when I started working out and my arm went limp. That Thursday I went to the Chiropractor and he sent me to a surgeon, who sent me to get an MRI today and to see him again this Thursday

Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:36 pm by JayJay
Wrap up of my week: Really lame and just plain bad
There's nothing they can do about my shoulder, so I should have just been using it this whole time. I never needed that restrictive sling.
My pay has been lowered, and I doubt I'll be making ends meat this month
If I had a penny for every time I got mad this week, I'd be rich

Alright, alright, fine. A few good things
I've decided to go through and re-beat HeartGold, then make my Epic Team there, instead of on White. I'm just feeling nostalgic and I feel the team would look better there than on White.

Wow, only one good thing . . . Just wow

Alright, I'm just gonna post this and relax for a while.
Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:25 pm by JayJay
So, posting at work
Odd to say the least
It's my break time and I just figured I'd drop in and tell you guys what's up
So, I'm about to take on Morty, the fourth Gym Leader of HeartGold. I'm doing pretty good
I plan to propose to my girlfriend on Christmas eve, so, I'm pretty excitd about that
I'm posting while exhausted, so, I sound really uninterested and all, but that isn't the case
Alright, I'm heading out to the floor
Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Tue Dec 06, 2011 2:04 am by JayJay
Beat Morty
Level 33 Quilava, 32 Venusaur, 33 Heracross, 32 Slowpoke.

I hear you people out there already . . . "But you beat him with a Pokemon you can't obtain this early in the game, you cheater!" . . . Well, yes, My Bulbasaur came as an Egg from my Diamond version, HOWEVER!! I have beaten HeartGold SEVEN TIMES NOW! I think I deserve to be able to hand pick my team before I beat the game the eighth time. And yes, I plan to EV train my EPIC TEAM to take on Red. Oh, man, I remember when I first found him in my original Gold version . . . I think I almost wet myself. I didn't ever beat him until Crystal came out and I was able to train up my Pokemon more. Now, I'm getting set for this. I've only beaten him eight time, and only just barely, but this time, I plan to take him out hands down.

Wow, Nerdrage, much?
Lol, whatever
I'm off to bed
Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:45 pm by JayJay
Alright, so, I've beaten Chuck and Jasmine and I'm heading up to the lake of rage to catch me a rare Pokemon. I won't spoil it for those of you who don't know who the Pokemon is, that'd be rude.

So, I've realized that posting at work is tough and I'm lucky to even get a few posts in while on my breaks. I've started to wonder lately when I should head to collage for Fire Scinces and Emergency Medical courses.

Less and less sleep lately, not helpful at all. I wish I could get some animal grade traquilizers, that could help.

Alright, I was jipped the other day in a Magic game. Normally, I'm beyond leneant with my friends about using proxy cards for testing a deck, but my friend Antonio has taken it took far, he's just not reading what the cards do before he slaps a proxy in a sleeve and he ends up winning when he should have lost. I'll admit the deck he's proxying is tough, but half the cards aren't even nearly as powerful as he'd have us believe. I'm just gonna start looking up the cards he proxies before I play against him again. At least when Chuckles and I proxy, we Read The Cards.

Alright, I have a few other things to do
Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:33 am by JayJay
Hello again. About to go to bed, so pardon the spelling errors

Soooo, I'm getting super effing excited about the 4th Underworld movie. I love that series so much. Kate plays a wicked awesome vampire, but I'm sad, I don't know where Scot (Sp) is. So yeah, I might look that up later, as n, tomorrow after I roll out of bed.

I've tripled my workout regiment, it was just gettng to easy. Now I superset hammer curls, overhead tricep extensions, and bench, and weighted lunges three times a day. I prefer the low weight, high rep tactic, I just feel it eats up more muscle fuel than high weight, low rep. I broke one of my dumbells . . . So sad, I've hadthose two for years . . . I need to go buy some duct tape.

Oh, yeah. I beat Claire with Heracross, Typhlosion, Gyarados, and Venusaur, all level 43 or 44. Super hapy.

Oh, yeah. I'm sorry this post took so long to get out, work has been a killer lately, holiday rush is on and I'm having to pull Psycho Shifts, which are about 15 hours. I get a few naps, free cofe and free food while I'm three, but it still sucks. I hate being tight on cash, I can't buy anything really nice for my girlfriend for Christmas, aside from the engagement ring of course. I'm so ecxited you guys, you have no idea. We've been dating for almost three years

Okazy, I just fell asleep on my keyboard, and as tempted as I was to just post fhwegsuvbaKBHfibwqevbsiuvusUGBVISABV x123456789123456789, I decided you guys wouldn't like that too much

Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Sat Dec 17, 2011 12:49 pm by JayJay
Alright, So, I figure you guys need to hear this. I was in a car wreck last night. My friend Antonio was driving, and he didn't see the car in front of us and we rear ended him. He wasn't speeding, and we all had our seat belts on. We're all okay, but Antonio got three points of his license and has a court date the 22. The guy we hit was a friend of ours, and he was totally cool. He didn't even think about pressing charges. I'm not sure what the court date is for, but myself, Chucklez, and my girlfriend are gonna go support him all the way. I was shotgun, and I'll be honest, I didn't see the car until it was far to late. We're a bit shaken up, but no injuries. It was almost surreal, because you never think something like this can happen to you, and then it does, and then it hits you like a freight train. Two cops showed up and they were cold as ice about it, they didn't even care that Antonio was freaking out, worrying about all of us. It was the first time I've seen him almost in tears in all the years I've known him. It was one of those times that it could have been a whole lot worse, but it sure wasn't a great day. But, ya know, no one got hurt, and I'm thankful for that

Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Tue Dec 20, 2011 2:23 pm by JayJay
I hate not sleeping well, because when I don't sleep well, I forget things, things I happen to need. My wallet for instance, so I can get some breakfast on my way to work, and get a discount on gas with my gas card. It been one of those days so far, where the only thing that can't go wrong just might.
Oh, well, I hope it gets better
I'll be off work in about an hour

Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Fri Dec 23, 2011 2:30 pm by JayJay
Traveling sucks
And traveling to meet up with family that you've never really liked or agreed with sucks even worse
I'm spending the first part of my Christmas and my mothers, then the second half in Hawaii, for my father's marriage
I'm sorry I haven't been on lately, I was working psycho shifts, but that's done for a while
Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:20 am by JayJay
Traveling sucks
Hawaii has been totally un-cool in every way
I'm sorry I haven't been on at all
I'm not gone forever, just away for the time being
I promise I'll be back in less than 10 days
Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:54 pm by JayJay
I am back mother firetrucker!
I'm back home!
Back to my own bed, my loving fiancee, my job, my clothes, my games, and my laptop!
Hawaii sucked!!!
It was sickeningly humid, hotter than a frying pan, and I got more injuries in a week than I get in a month here!
I got pooped on by a dolphin, slapped by sea turtle, and bitten by a reef shark!!
But now it's all done
I'm back home
You have no idea how good it it to be back home
I'll tell the stories later, guys

Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:15 am by JayJay
So, I know I promised stories, but I got really screwed up today, so I'm just not feeling up to the long versions
I'll just tell you the short versions and head to bed
I got bit by a reef shark while boggie boarding. It was a baby, so he only took a chunck from my ankle flesh
I got slapped by a sea turtle in an aquarium for no reason, I was just by his po like some 50 other people
I got pooped on by a dolphin at the same aquarium the next day when we got to pet them
And today about 40 pounds in mail crashed down on my head because Mark did a poor job stacking, and I still got chewed out for it
Over worked and under payed
Stay in school kids
Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Sat Jan 14, 2012 12:44 pm by JayJay
So, tired, posting while exhausted
Sounds fun?
It's not
I've been up for 47 hour
Not much to eat
To tired to work out
Broncos game today!
I hope I se it
Would be so happ
No more for now
Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:02 am by JayJay
Sorry I've been MIA for a while, guys
I've just had a lot to do
I'll be back soon Smile
Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Thu Jan 19, 2012 7:11 pm by JayJay
Annnnnnnnnnnnd back
SO, I've done just about nothing this week so far
I've fought through a cold, found a couple of sweet vids, and worked out until I couldn't move anymore
Lol, alright
Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Thu Jan 26, 2012 1:37 am by JayJay
I'm sorry I haven't been on, I've been in the hospital due to a car wreck
My fiancée and I have been in critical condition for days, she woke up a few hours ago, and myself only 30 minutes ago
I'll try to post from my bed, but it's not easy
Again, I'm sorry for the no post
I'll tell you guys more as I know more
Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Mon Jan 30, 2012 7:07 pm by JayJay
*Drops in with a thud*
Back in business. No car wreck is gonna stop me
My fiancee recovered even better than I did, she got to go home yesterday
I just got back to our apartment an hour ago
I'm really sorry for the wait, now, back to posting Smile
Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:39 pm by JayJay
Back again
I realized I leave often
Hm . . . .
I dunno, well, oh well
I'm back
Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:46 pm by JayJay
And my folks wonder why I never call. So, my shoulder still has some problems, but I can use it. My mom calls me up, and she says "Jason, whydon't you ever call us anymore? We never see you! Youdon't like us!"

I bite my tongue, and reply "Well, mom, I'm busy. I'm working double shifts and searching for a second job while planning a wedding. I still have to go see the doc about my shoulder every so often, and I guess I just don't have time to see you as often as I used to"

I'm 18, almost 19, I've been working since 16. I haven't asked her for anything since she kicked me out of the house, and now she calls me and whines

"Well how come Rachel gets all your time but your father and I see you only on holidays??"

"Because I live with her, I'm going to marry her, and you kicked me out because I couldn't cut it in school"

"I can't believe my own son hates me . . . *Click* Boop . . . Boop . . . Boop"

Some People

Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Thu Mar 08, 2012 7:09 pm by JayJay
And wow
Just wow
Um wow
Oh wow
I've had the worst week of my life
My family just disowned me and spent the last week trying to get money out of me
I was sued by my mother because she thought I didn't invite her to my wedding
I'm getting married in two weeks and now I have no money at all
My fiance is distraught and sad beyond belief
I don't know what I'm gonna do
I'm sorry to dump this on you guys, but you deserve to know what's been going on
Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:59 am by JayJay
I'm now a married man!!
I told my family to leave me alone and married the woman of my dreams
We honeymooned in Browns Park Colorado we're we just got to relax and enjoy nature
I've never been more at peace, guys
I figure you might be mad that I've been gone for so long, and I'm sorry for that, but with everything going to H&!! and back, I needed to stop spending time here and focus completely on my future
I'm back again
Re: The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer
Post on Fri Apr 13, 2012 12:45 pm by JayJay
I had the most bizarre dream last night
I dreamed that Pokemon Leagues for the Gen 4 and 5 games existed and were a huge deal, like, it was even part of schooling to learn how to be a great Pokemon Trainer
It rocked

The rambling of JayJay, the Typhlosion Trianer

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