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 TMG's Guide to Factions.

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PostSubject: TMG's Guide to Factions.   Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:24 pm

Table of Contents:

I. The Kaosu Project.
II. Sector A off the map.
III. Ecoviitor Organization Recruiting.
IV. New Identities.
V. Joining Factions.
VI. Why join?
VII. Updates.
VIII. The Dark Glace Society is calling.

I. The Kaosu Project.

The Kaosu (Kay-ah-SU) Project is an organization that was formed by Link years ago. The Kaosu Project focuses on the production and study of technology. Not much is known about the Kaosu Project. The organization is secluded from the paparazzi. A reliable source says that the Kaosu Project conducts research and studies on level five technologies, whatever that means. Most of the Kaosu Project is composed of clever scientists that study and recreate such devices. Most materials are claimed to be illegal for use, however, no public sources confirm this claim. The Kaosu Project can be found in its secluded headquarters in Sector A of Balanta (Bah-LAN-tah) City.

Reliable Source:

The Kaosu Project is an organization formed to conduct research and studies on level five technologies. Besides that, they carry out experiments and focus on innovating such technologies. The Kaosu Project’s purpose and goal are not yet clear or determined. It is said that they are looking for scientists willing to follow their cause. Those that are willing to help are welcomed into the organization, as long as TKP guidelines are followed. It has been confirmed that those that have been known to have a desire to leave the Kaosu Project are not capable of recalling any information after their leave from the Kaosu Project.

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II. Sector A off the map.

Two years after the Kaosu Project’s opening, citizens living in a close radius of the Kaosu Project’s headquarters have been evacuated. A week later, a group, known as the Enforcers (En-FORCE-sirs), has sent three teams into the building. The teams have never returned.

The Enforcers, founded by Paint, are a group of members that follow the principle of preservation. Unlike other organizations, the Enforcers may be compared to the Kaosu Project as rivals. However, a statement from Paint has conveyed that the Enforcers aim to ecofy technology. To be precise, the Enforcers have been working on technologies that are eco-friendly in a way. Recent releases include solutions to problems such as CFC’s in the environment and other daily apparatus that are approved by the government for using less non-renewable resources. The use of easily renewable resources for technology that depletes precious nonrenewable resources is an achievement that the Enforcers have made in the past few months. However, Paint claims that the Kaosu Project is claimed to aim for the same goal, however, through illegal means that could bring about deadly damage. Recently, a statement from Link has been released denying Paint’s claim and releasing a significant innovation to one of the Enforcer’s top products. Paint refutes that it is a mere distraction to keep the Kaosu Project secluded from attention.

Despite the break-in by the Enforcers to the Kaosu Project’s headquarters, Paint had reported an explosion within the building. Nothing from that point on has been heard from both organizations. Sector A was destroyed by an explosion composed of a unknown substance, which scientists cannot identify. The epicenter was from the Kaosu Project’s headquarters. The Enforcers last released a statement that they were not responsible for such damage, but the Kaosu Project had self-destructed its headquarters, using it as an epicenter, to erase Sector A off the map. Thus, the Kaosu Project was capable of and successful in erasing evidence from the Enforcers’ grasp, due to the fact that Sector A contains no identifiable remains that can convey evidence in any way.

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III. Ecoviitor Organization Recruiting.

A few months after the incident between the Kaosu Project and the Enforcers, a new company has been formed. The Ecoviitor (Ech-CHO-vee-tour) Organization is an organization dedicated to inventing eco-friendly technology. They are currently recruiting
new members. If you’re a scientist with expertise to share, then the Ecoviitor Organization welcomes you. For non-scientists out there, the Ecoviitor Organization has released a statement that says that anyone is welcome to join as long as they have time to dedicate themselves to helping the Earth go green. Anyone can make a difference, no matter if you’re a promising scientist or a kid down the block. Anyone can help and every single member helps bring us closer to a brighter future.

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IV. New Identities.

After a year of work with the Ecoviitor Organization, things began to take a turn. The leaders of Ecoviitor had a scorching argument on the goal of the company. Tubbycustard's aim for the company was to limit the appliances that contributed to greenhouse gases and other factors. Tubbycustard’s statement conveys that it is impossible to completely go green, due to the fact that most consumers require daily appliances that are vital, yet somewhat dangerous. As a result, Tubbycustard aims to provide efficient means of apparatus that can slow down dangerous factors significantly. The other co-leader of Ecoviitor disagrees and says that it is possible to completely go green and aims to innovate commonly used products and help save the environment. The organization broke up as a result. Nothing was heard from these four central groups. A year later, the Ecoviitor Organization has been split into two new organizations. Modernization took place as the new groups renamed themselves to Earthgliders, founded by Zelda, and Skyrunners, founded by Tubbycustard. Meanwhile, it is believed that the Kaosu Project, still an underground operation, has risen again under its modernized identity, Dark Glace, led by Link. The Enforcers, renamed to PhoenixFlame, has also risen to the top.

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V. Joining Factions.

PhoenixFlame: The Phoenix is the emblem of this prestigious organization. PhoenixFlame aims to ecofy the world with its vast array of technologies and apparatus. Founded by Paint, this organization consists of a large group of scientists dedicated to studies on the environment. As rivals of the Dark Glace Society, PhoenixFlame has gone under a revolution to stop the pure evil that lurks within the shadows of the Kaosu Project, modernly acknowledged as the Dark Glace Society.

Earthgliders: Notorious for their research on several fields of modern technology and science, the Earthgliders is following their word to eliminating threats to the environment. Founded by Zelda, the Earthgliders aim to preserve the beauty and value in the environment. As competition of the Skyrunners, the Earthgliders aim to go green and pass the limits set by Mother Nature.

Skyrunners: Founded by Tubbycustard, the Skyrunners are an organization recognized for their advances in eliminating dangerous factors, such as CFC’s and innovating current chemicals used today in various appliances. Anyone is welcomed to join the Skyrunners in hope of preserving the environment for future generations to come.

The Dark Glace Society: Founded by Link, and formerly known as the Kaosu Project, Dark Glace is an elite society for scientists involved in experimental sovereignty and confidentiality. The society accepts only the best of scientists into its operations; however, they are willing to welcome anyone that is willing to help, as long as TKP guidelines are strictly followed. As rivals of the PhoenixFlame Organization, the Dark Glace Society aims to rid the world of danger with its vast power in its apparatus and technologies. The most recent statement released is by the founder himself. We aim to preserve the world for upcoming generations with our vast assortment of powerful technology that the world has never seen before. We deny all claims from PhoenixFlame. Our society has been approved by the government for our research and studies to be conducted. We will revolutionize the world, for the better…

The nature of this establishment is not yet known to outsiders, besides the PhoenixFlame Organization.

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VI. Why join?

By joining a faction, you gain access to features and events that no other standard members receive. These features include but are not limited to:

  • A chance to gain points for your faction.
  • A private forum for faction members to role-play, chat, and discuss plans.
  • Virtual prizes.
  • A secondary ranking system.
And much more! Prejoin your faction today, before spots are filled!

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VII. Updates.

None to report.
~ 6/19/2010.
A few minor changes to the text, related to missing words, and updates on intentions.
~ 1/13/2011.

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VIII. The Dark Glace Society is calling.

The Dark Glace Society is looking for prominent and potential members to help with the conduction of further research and studies. Anyone who follows TKP guidelines and is willing to contribute is, by all means, welcomed.

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Ecoviitor = contains eco, for environment, and the suffix viitor, for future, thus meaning environment future, translating to the future environment.

Kaosu = Contains Kaos which means Chaos. Conveys evil.

Enforcers = Strictness, Force. A type of group that doesn't like to mess around.

Balanta = Balance, which conveys that the city is peaceful and in balance, thus Sector A was erased, due to its contradiction towards the rest of the city.

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TMG's Guide to Factions.
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